about me

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My name is Chris and I live in the area of Stuttgart in south germany.

I was born next to the baltic sea in 1966. Some kids start skiing in their early days. But I was diving before I was able to swim 🙂 …

Today my in scuba diving experience is
– SSI Master Diver
– CMAS Dive Instructor * (VEST 774)
– SCD Cave Diver Level 3 (Full Cave Diver)
– Rescue Diver

I’m fully equipped in in many ways and all-time ready to dive, if it’s needed.

2013 I finished my training for the CMAS INSTRUCTOR * in the VEST organization.

In autumn 2018 I started my training in the swiss cave diving organization (SCD) for the levels 1 (cavern) and 2 (cave 1&2). In may 2019 I finished the training in the cave diver level 3 as full cave diver, which is the highest reachable level in cave diving.